New Mac Bundle; $450 Worth of Apps for $49.99

The Mac Sale was launched today and for a limited time only you can get $450 Worth of Apps for $49.99. The bundle of 10 applications combines the products of both established Mac powerhouses and startup indie developers.

The full list of applications in this exciting new bundle is:

  1. REALBasic Personal – The exceptional rapid development environment. Designed to appeal to newcomers to software development and also old hands looking for another tool to add to their arsenal.
  2. Iris – A new image manipulation app with a beautiful user interface. It’s uncluttered user interface makes it a joy to work with on everything from photos to logos.
  3. Interarchy – The ultimate file transfer tool. With support for FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and more.
  4. Flux – The powerful web design application. Flux supports just about everything your can throw at it from XHTML/CSS to JavaScript and Flash.
  5. Scribbles – The innovative sketching program, with a remarkable user interface ideal for anyone needing to make quick sketches or fun paintings.
  6. TaskPaper – The amazingly simple but flexible task manager. With a restrained user interface TaskPaper focuses your mind on your tasks ahead, and not a complex application.
  7. WriteRoom – The remarkable word processor aimed squarely at writers. It’s full screen mode has become famous in the Mac community and even got plaudits in the New York Times.
  8. Stuf – The clipboard manager tool which lets you copy and paste over your local network. You’ll wonder how you ever managed with it!
  9. Mariner Calc – The lean and mean spreadsheet. This established and mature spreadsheet application is long standing Mac workhorse, and with good reason.
  10. HoudahSpot – Don’t search, find. HoudahSpot adds the missing “Advanced” function to Spotlight…

The Mac Sale is built on a few basic principles, to first give an honest and fair deal to all developers, and also to have an “all killer, no filler” line-up. The Mac Sale bundle partners span the range of amazing applications for the Mac, from programming to graphics, from network utilities to web design.

Even if only a few apps catch your eye, this bundle still represents truly excellent value. And, as each developer is getting a fair share of proceeds, you’ll know you’re doing your bit to support the Mac developer community.

The bundle will be available to buy for 14 days… and if you are quick you can get an even better deal on this bundle with this 10% discount code: EARLYBIRD. Only catch is that it’s valid only until 23:59:59 MST on the 6th August, so act fast and get an even better deal!

Click here to view more details on the Mac Sale