How to flash new Linux or Android firmware on to a MIPS Creator CI20


Watch the full video here: and read my written review of the CI20 here:

To flash a new firmware:

  1. Insert the SD card in your PC
  2. Run SDFormatter and format the SD card
  3. Run Win32DiskImager; select the firware image file (see and the corresponding drive letter for the SD card.
  4. Click Write and wait for the process to complete.
  5. Power off the Creator CI20 board and move the JP3 selector from 1-2 to 2-3. The JP3 pin can be found right next to the Ethernet port.
  6. Insert the SD card in your Creator CI20 board.
  7. Power on the board:
    – the LED will go from red to blue (i.e. the flashing process has started);
    – wait for ~10 minutes for the LED light to go back to red (i.e. the flashing process has completed).
  8. Power off the board, remove the SD card and move the JP3 pin back to its original position (1-2).
  9. Power on the board; the newly flashed operating system will start running.

Tools mentioned above:

SDFormatter –