Help me get a laptop

Laptop prices are falling all the time and I thought it was about time I got one… So I have started a campaign over at to collect $538 (that’s US dollars) to buy the cheapest Dell laptop.

If I have helped you in some way in a forum, by email or even in person and you want to show your appreciation in a real way, consider a donation.

Took the Fiat to get fixed

Now that we have the minibus it was time to take our Fiat Punto for an overhaul. It has 150,000 KM on the clock and the engine is kind of covered in oil and the water from the radiator keeps boiling out into the engine bay, so I figured it was time for a mechanic to have a look.

Finding a good mechanic is alway a hard thing but I have found one (after 5 years of being here) but he lives about an hours drive from here. So the wife and I set off this morning with both Fiat and minibus and went to the mechanic. I want him to strip the whole engine down to the block and overhaul the engine. He reckons it will be done in about 10 days…

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Helping a friend with his hosting

We had a good time at church last night, Adi our normal Wednesday night guest preacher brought a young, upcoming preacher to practice a little with us. He was very nervous but it was good to hear him.

Today I have been doing mainly website related stuff, I am trying to get my new site off the group and I am also helping a friend of mine transfer his site from one hosting company to another… There have been a few hiccups along the way and we haven’t finished yet…

BTW… Don’t use, they advertise 500 GB web space available but when you read the terms and conditions they say that only 5GB can be used for media files and 5GB for archived files (like .zip). So how you can fill up the other 490GB I don’t know!!!

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Stopped raining and got my tyre fixed

Today it isn’t raining but still cloudy. I took the wheel off the car and pumped it up (at my neighbour’s who has a compressor) and I found that the air is leaking out of the side of the rim. This is because the roads here are so bad the rims really get bashed around. Anyway I gave it a few thumps with a hammer but that didn’t stop the air leaking, so I took it a type repair place in the nearby town. The guy fixed it, he said the problem was that there was rust and dirt trapped between the rim and the tyre. All fixed now… All I need to do is take the spare off the car and put this one back.

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I am going to try and write to my blog frequently but the posts will be short…

Today it is raining… Which is actually a good thing as we have had a long period of drought. They have been stopping the water twice a day, from Noon to 5PM and from 11PM to 6AM, which means we had to fill pots and pans every day to have enough water for drinking, cooking and flushing the toilet!

My Fiat Punto has a flat tyre but I don’t feel too enthusiastic about fixing it in the rain! Maybe later!

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So I finally started (again)

About 10 years ago I started a section on my personal web called Simo’s Sagactiy. It was a hand edited HTML page where I started what today is called a Blog. I was way ahead of my time and the idea soon fizzled out. I tried to get friends and family reading the blog but the idea hadn’t taken root yet. Now I have taken the plunge again… So here is Simo’s Sagacity… Enjoy!

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