Alternative Open Directory Project

There is a new web site called the Alternative Open Directory Project which looks like they want to take on DMOZ/ODP.

The site is fairly spartan at the moment but they do say “There have been attempts to create comprehensive human-reviewed directories before, but they have all failed…. The Alternative Open Directory Project will pick up the baton and charge on with a radical new system to handle the size of the Internet and this directory.”

You can read more at the Alternative Open Directory Project site.

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Jap version of I’m a Mac, I’m a PC

I’m a great fan of the Apple adverts commonly known as “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” in which two actors play a Mac and PC and they discuss the relative merits of either platform… Being as they are adverts made by Apple the Mac tends to come out better… Anyway I just found some Japanese versions on YouTube and I found one which I haven’t see in English and I think it is quite funny… Don’t worry there are subtitles! It is called Artist.

Straw towers

For “fun and games” part of the youth meeting last night I ran a competition… Who can build the tallest drinking straw tower. The boys won but I think the girls had a better structure.

The girl’s super structureThe boy’s thin stick

Sorry about the poor quality, I took these on my mobile phone.

New Technology Blog

I’ve got together with a few friends of mine and we have started a technology blog called the Hi-Tech Squad.

We are officially launching it this week but as with all web ventures it will take time to grow in popularity, reputation and content… Come visit us if you are interested.

15 interesting .us domain names still available

I have compiled a list of over 1700 dictionary word .us domains available (according to WHOIS) using the format. This means that the domain is a word which ends in ‘us’ and that forms part of the word and domain name.

Download list

15 of the most interesting are:

  1. idolatrous –
  2. incautious –
  3. autotomous – (and
  4. barbarous –
  5. blusterous –
  6. cadaverous –
  7. calamitous –
  8. halogenous –
  9. officious –
  10. outrageous –
  11. semilustrous –
  12. seminiferous –
  13. semireligious –
  14. slumberous –
  15. sulphureous –

PS. This assumes that 2 letter domain names are valid for .us domains.

Installing a graphics card on Gigabyte GA-6VXE

A friend of mine asked me to install an extra hard drive in his machine and reinstall the OS from scratch. The hard drive was easy enough and the Windows XP installation went easy. But… There is always a but… The graphics card driver wouldn’t register… It is a GeForce 4 440MX and I downloaded and installed the driver from nVidia several times. The driver installed and didn’t report any problems but XP continued to report the card as a standard VGA and the nVidia control panel didn’t appear. After lots of hours of bashing my head and installing and de-installing and swap graphics card etc I had a brain wave. Maybe the motherboard needed an AGP driver… The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-6VXE and guess what? When I downloaded the motherboard drivers and installed the AGP driver it all worked!!!