My “entertaining video animation” gets mentioned by DistroWatch

DistroWatch have picked up on my FreeNAS interview movie that I made
with Xtranormal. It is mentioned in DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 291, 23
February 2009 about half way through the “Miscellaneous News” section.
Many thanks DistroWatch… Here is a snippet:
Still on the subject of BSDs, but switching to FreeNAS, a minimalist,
FreeBSD-based operating system for building network-attached storage
devices. All that is nice to know, but this definition sounds rather
technical, so what does it mean in terms of practical use? Can it help
with our everyday computing tasks? If so, how? Gary Sims, author of
the book called Learning FreeNAS, has created an entertaining video
animation that should make the purpose of FreeNAS more clear: “I have
put together an interview on Xtranormal. In the interview, set in a TV
studio, the guest talks about FreeNAS, what it can do and where you
can find out more information.” Xtranormal is an interesting site
which enables users to create video using text: “Our revolutionary
approach to movie-making builds on an almost universally held skill –
typing. You type something; we turn it into a movie. On the web and on
the desktop.” If you’re interested in building your own storage
network then take a look!