Linux Foundation Buys

It was revealed yesterday that the Linux Foundation, a non-profit consortium chartered to foster the growth of Linux, has bought the domain from SourceForge.

I have worked with the team for several years and they have published several of my artivles and even a video review of Picasa for Linux. At the moment I am undecided about what this means for the Linux community, time will tell as we see what the LF make of the site.

Some key points about the deal are:

  • LF is taking over the editorial and community stewardship for the site.
  • The SourceForge and LF will collaborate to create a vibrant and long-lasting community destination for Linux users and developers.
  • SourceForge will support the Linux Foundation by continuing to sell the advertising for
  • Much like Linux itself, will rely on the community to create and drive the content and conversation.
  • According to ComputerWorld, the Foundation will be keeping the old articles on-site. What is good news for me as I would like to continue to see my articles on the site.

LF Press Release