How long have I been using Linux?

I wrote a little email to someone recently about how long I have been
using Linux and I though I would cut and paste a section from the
email and post it here!

 I’ve been using it since kernel version 0.96 which was was back in the
early 90’s… In about 2002 I switched 100% over to Linux due to the
releases of OpenOffice.Org, FireFox and BibleTime. With these apps and
a few others I was able to switch and had no need for Windows at
all… Then in 2007 a terrible thing happened someone gave me a Mac!
Of course I had to start it up and bam! I switched to OS X but mainly
using the same applications like OOo, Firefox and now BibleDesktop
(instead of BibleTime).

 I still keep my fingers in the Linux pie, I like and use CentOS a lot
and I like Ubuntu Server as well, in fact I was writing a book about
Ubuntu Server but time constraints killed the project about half way