New Blog: Network Attached Storage News

Following the success of my Learn FreeNAS blog I have started a new, wider and more general blog about Network Attached Storage. As well as covering FreeNAS this new blog will cover other NAS products (both free and commerical) including OpenFiler, NexentaStor and NASlite.

The blog will also cover news and tips about the various NAS technologies including iSCSI.

You can find the new blog at Network Attached Storage News.

Teacher confiscates Linux CDs.

A teacher from Austin, Texas confiscated a bunch of CDs containing free Linux distributions from a student who was demonstarting GNU/Linux on his laptop and handing out the CDs. After this, the teacher sent an angry email to Ken Starks of the HeliOS Project, where the student got his Linux CDs from.

“This is a world where Windows runs on virtually every computer and putting on a carnival show for an operating system is not helping these children at all. I am sure if you contacted Microsoft, they would be more than happy to supply you with copies of an older version of Windows and that way, your computers would actually be of service to those receiving them…”

Read more here: Enemies of GNU/Linux?

New Virtualization Blog

I have started a new blog called “Virtualization News“. The site concentartes on the increasing popular virtualization technology.

Using virtualization a system manager can run several virtual computers on one single PC or server. This provides an excellent resource for testing new versions of system software without endangering the live systems as well as allowing for server consolidation.

Using a virtualization product like VMware or VirtualBox a single PC can run a number of guest operating systems including but not limited to Windows (XP, Server 2003, Vista), Linux, Solaris/OpenSolaris and OpenBSD.

The site covers VMWare, VirtualBox, Parallels, Xen, KVM and much more.

New Press Release Writing Tips Site

I have started a new sister site to the Free Press Release Center. The new site is called “Press Release Writing Tips” and is your one-stop shop for in depth information about writing press releases.

Over 34% of press releases are rejected at the FPRC and as a result I want to educate writer more and more about writing good press releases.

So go look around, enjoy your stay and don’t forget to subscribe to the site so you can get the latest tips in your inbox!


The Linux boot sequence visualised

Make Blog has a fascinating picture representing the Linux boot sequence, in which ‘nodes’ (system calls) are “are laid out using an unweighted force-directed layout algorithm, where each node is simulated as if it were electrically repulsive and had springs between nodes”.

See it here.

15 reasons Macs are still better than Windows PCs

Does Microsoft have the upper hand over OS X. Here’s 15 reasons why it doesn’t.

  • 1. Reliable sleep mode.
  • 2. Extremely fast boot times.
  • 3. Apple uses good quality parts.
  • 4. Less blinking lights.
  • 5. OS X + Windows is better than just Windows.
  • 6. Easier to troubleshoot Macs.
  • 7. A culture of good quality community software.
  • 8. More useful apps out of the box.
  • 9. Neat and contained system settings.
  • 10. Apple doesn’t load the system up with rubbish.
  • 11. Tonnes of small reasons make Mac OS X better including every version of OS X has sophisticated screenshot capability built in.
  • 12. Still no need for additional security software.
  • 13. Apple seems largely to be lameness free.
  • 14. Power of the Linux command line with Photoshop CS4
  • 15. File sharing is much easier.

Read more here: 15 reasons Macs are still better than Windows PCs

XBMC – Media Center

One thing which I don’t do enough of is to recommend bits of software which I come across. Today I found XBMC which is a

XBMC is media center application for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and XBox. XBMC supports viewing and playing a vast library of audio, video and image formats. XBMC has a sophisticated library management system that allows you to organize all your media to give you quick and immediate access.

XBMC provides a user friendly interface that’s intuitive, very flexible, and easy to use. The interface is completely customizable through user-created or downloadable skins.

You can find out more at XBMC


Excerpt from my Book: Configuring storage in FreeNAS has published an excerpt from my book. The excerpt is called “Configuring storage in FreeNAS”… Here is an excerpt from the excerpt!!!

The essence of the FreeNAS server is to provide storage that is easily accessible from the network. To this end, it is important to understand how FreeNAS handles hard disks and how they can be configured and used to provide the best and most reliable storage for your network.

Read more here: :: Configuring storage in FreeNAS