Weirdest Spam Today

I just get a comment on one of my blogs… The post is about Benchmarking of FreeNAS 0.7 on a single SSD with AFP… The spam comment is "Hey, have you seen this news article? New details about Michael Jackson's Death Emerge. I was wondering if you were going to blog about this…"

I am so tempted to approve the comment so that I can write some witty reply about what on earth does the death of Jacko have to do with FreeNAS… But on the other hand…

This could be a moment for me to start ranting about comment spam on blogs… Here is a great quote (from a post about Top 10 Newbie Mistakes) about comment spam:

"To me, coming to my blog and dropping unasked for links into a comment is like breaking in my house to leave your business card on my kitchen table. Ok, that’s a little extreme, but not THAT extreme….lol

Or the 'one liners'… you know, the 'nice blog…visit my site here {url}'. That’s like walking in my house and saying, 'Hey, nice house. Wanna buy some kitchen knives?'

However, if I invite you in and we have a nice conversation, I will most likely be willing to tell others about you and what you do…. wouldn’t you?"