Old Y2K Joke

Our staff has completed the 18 months of work on time and on budget.
We have gone through every line of code in every program in every
system. We have analyzed all databases, all data files, including
backups and historic archives, and modified all data to reflect the
change. We are proud to report that we have completed the “Y-to-K”
date change mission, and have now implemented all changes to all
programs and all data to reflect your new standards:
Januark, Februark, March, April, Mak, June, Julk, August, September,
October, November, December
As well as:
Sundak, Mondak, Tuesdak, Wednesdak, Thursdak, Fridak, Saturdak
I trust that this is satisfactory, because to be honest, none of this
Y to K problem has made any sense to me. But I understand it is a
globalproblem, and our team is glad to help in any way possible. And
what does the year 2000 have to do with it? Speaking of which, what do
you think We ought to do next year when the two digit year rolls over
from 99 to 00? We’ll await your direction.