My comments about a recent Live Hacking CD vs. Backtrack 4 review

McGrew Security have published a review comparing the Live Hackign CD
with Backtrak4:…
. Although the review is generally well balanced, I want to add a few

1) Competition is good for everyone, the LHCD has only just come out
of beta and is relatively young, where as BT has been around much
longer. The LHCD team are looking to release more versions in the
future and they are all looking for people who would like to
contribute to make the LHCD better.

2) As you quite rightly say “they are two very different beasts” and
they are… The LHCD is designed as a first step into the world of
information security. It is an area that many IT professionals and
managers neglect. The LHCD (and its accompanying book and workshops)
are designed to make people more aware of the need for information
security training and knowledge. A distro like BT can appear to be big
and daunting and so discourage those who want to learn more and start
looking at the basic tools and techniques.

3) Dantevios’ comment “Thank you for sparing me from these knock offs”
is a bit unfair. The LHCD is not a knock-off in any sense, it has been
built from scratch and doesn’t try to imitate or copy BT4 is anyway…
It is a new, young and vibrant distro built as an introduction to
ethical hacking… How can that be a knock off?