SundayWorship V1.3 released

The main focus of this release has been adding support for downloading and installing additional Bibles for use with the Scripture picker. We’ve also fixed a few bugs and re-worked the multimedia picker to make it a bit easier to use.

The new version can be download from here. A new version of the getting started guide can be downloaded from here.

New features in SundayWorship 1.3

  • Download additional Bibles
  • Added support for typing non-English Bible book names
  • Display musical keys for songs
  • Drag and drop for adding content to the content pickers
  • Added additional keyboard shortcuts for the Projector view
  • Updated manual
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Just used Google’s Street View to get the phone number off a placard for a hotel here in Bran

Here in Bran there are lots of hotels and bed & breakfasts. As a
result lots of the people we know are in the tourism business. Anyway
the parents of one of classmates of my boy run a bed and breakfast and
he wanted to go an play around at the boy’s house. We didn’t know
their number to call and see if he could go over, so I used Google’s
Street View to find their house and read their phone number off the
placard of the bed & breakfast!!!!
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