MacUpdate releases new Promo. Get $265 of software for just $64.99

MacUpdate has partnered with 10 Mac developers to bring us the MacUpdate Parallels bundle.

The Deal: When you purchase bundles now, you’ll be the immediate owner of Hazel, Art Text, MenuCalendarClock, Leap, StoryMill, Typinator and DVDRemaster Pro. Then when the Mac community spreads the word and reaches 5,000 bundles sold, Sound Studio will be unlocked into the bundle for free. People that purchase the bundle before each unlock milestone will have the unlocked products automatically added to their accounts for free. Because of the superb success of the Mac community in the last 2 bundles, we fully expect to reach all 3 unlock milestones during the 2-week span of this event.

1,135 bundles had been sold at the time of writing and there are 12 days left…

New video projection software

A friend of mine and I have team up together to write some video projection software for use in churches during their worship times. The current most popular package costs over $400 and the freeware alternatives are lacking in several areas, so we are writing our own.

It isn’t complete yet but the link to the fledgling web site is: SundayWorship.NET

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